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"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize
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Tony VERY Skinny

Tony VERY Skinny


Updates On Tony

August 29, 2011: Via The Animal Legal Defense Fund:“This morning, the Louisiana Court of Appeals ruled that Michael Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop are necessary parties to the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s lawsuit to free Tony the Tiger and ordered a new trial in the case.” In so ruling, the Court vacated the permanent injunction issued by the trial court that would have freed Tony in December.

The decision means ALDF will need to amend its complaint to add the new defendants, then re-do the litigation thus far. While we disagree with the Court of Appeals’ ruling, this is just a minor set-back. We are confident that the trial court got the law right the first time around and will rule the same way when we go through it again with Mr. Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop as parties.”

August 15, 2011: Today’s exception hearing concerning Mr. Sandlin’s attempt to have the case dismissed has been denied. The judge will not allow the “interveners” to be party to the suit or to have the case dismissed.

On August 15, lawyers for ALDF will be in court in Baton Rouge to defend against Michael Sandlin’s, attempt to get the case dismissed. The Court has also set a hearing date of September 15 for ALDF’s motion for a mandatory injunction, which seeks an immediate revocation of Sandlin’s permit to keep Tony.

July 18 2011: The hearing scheduled for July 22, 2011 has been postponed. More information will be posted when available.

June 21, 2011: New hearing date of July 22, 2011 announced.

June 14, 2011: The hearing scheduled for June 14 has been postponed to a later date yet to be determined.

June 3, 2011: Next Steps in ALDF’s Fight to Free Tony the Truck Stop Tiger A new hearing on the motion for a mandatory injunction has been set for June 14.

May 16, 2011 From ALDF: Answers to Your Questions About ALDF’s Win for Tony the Tiger

Victory For Tony!!! On May 6, 2011 Judge R. Michael Caldwell grants a permanent injunction which blocks The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from issuing a new permit to Tony’s owner Michael Sandlin. More information:

On May 5, 2011 ALDF goes to court for Tony . More info:

On April 11, 2011 The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and its Secretary Robert Barham. The lawsuit argues that the permit issued by the LDWF which allows Tony to be kept on display at the truck stop violates state and local laws. Read more at: . There are two ALDF sponsored petitions for Tony; please sign and share the links: and

On December 14th, 2010, The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries renewed their permit to Tony's owner allowing him to keep Tony at the truck stop. Please voice your objections to the renewal of this permit.

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