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Tony VERY Skinny


Tony the tiger at Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana

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  • Tony the tiger at Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana

    Action Request: Boycott
    Location: Louisiana, United States

    I thought society as a whole was better than this. I thought surely in this day in age we had grown to have compassion in our hearts. I will never understand how anybody can sleep at night knowing Tony is up at the Tiger Truck Stop suffering every minute of every day. The owner Michael Shawn Sandlin is so proud of his display of animal cruelty. He alone brings so much shame to the state of Louisiana and Iberville Parish. Every breath he takes is a waste. Michael Sandlin owes Tony the rest of his life. This man has been cruelly negligent with every single tiger that he has “owned” and has done so proudly and without any remorse. Take a good look at the fat guy with two tiger cubs laying beside him on the couch at the tiger truck stop web site. If he is allowed to keep Tony at the truck stop after the next council meeting February 17Th 2009 then shame on Louisiana. Google tiger truck stop/ go to / go to and search tiger truck stop, Michael Sandlin or save truck stop tiger by all means educate yourself before you take a real good look at this situation. Do you really believe that it is okay for a TIGER to live at a TRUCK STOP being cruelly neglected and abused? If you do SHAME ON YOU. People that take their children there are teaching them that it is okay to commit a crime ANIMAL CRUELTY which is a felony in Louisiana. If you are buying gas from this truck stop then you are condoning what he is doing. I have talked to some of the truckers from tiger truck stop, not ONE walked away saying that they thought it was right to have tigers at the truck stop. On the Governors web site he says "Bobby Jindal believes Louisiana must break free from the lingering legacy of the past and fully embrace a government that is honest, more efficient, accountable to all its citizens and attractive to deal with by outside investors. Louisiana must proceed quickly and forcefully to overcome a stereotype built up over decades, which continues to hamper our ability to expand the economy and improve the quality of life in our state." Well do you think we can start with NOT having a tiger at a truck stop? Bobby Jindal definitely has the right mind set to turn Louisiana around and make it into a better place but that can never happen until the community joins him and they to want to live in a better state.
    Sincerely, Sky Williamson
    (go to for more info.)

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    1. Since I wrote this post two years ago I have learned that both of the sites that I listed above are not worth your time. They never have the full truth posted and there are many other better, updated sites ava. these days. Just FYI.