Many of life's failures...

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize
how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison


Tony VERY Skinny

Tony VERY Skinny


All these ~PETITIONS~ are for Tony...

WSPA Sponsored Petition For Tony 12.1.201 (Closed On 12.9.2010 With 40, 729 Signatures)

This petition, started on December 1, 2010, is sponsored by the World Society For The Protection of Animals and is targeted at the LDWF

  • New Petition For Tony 7.21.2010 (Closed With 15,494 Signatures)

This petition targets the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and urges them not to renew the permit to Tiger Truck Stop. Please sign and share the link:

  • New Petition For Tony 6.6.2010 (Closed With 1,388 Signatures)

This petition for Tony was started today and targets Conoco/Phillips, the fuel supplier to Tiger Truck Stop. Please sign and share the link:
More information on “Boycotting Conoco/Phillips” at: Roar For Tony!: Boycotting ConocoPhillips 6.6.2010

  • New Petition For Tony 5.15.2010

A new petition for Tony was just started yesterday at Here is the link:
We’re asking all FTTT Friends to please sign and share the link. Post it to your social networking sites like Facebook and there’s even an easy option to share it via email, Facebook and Twitter on the petition page itself.
It is so important to continue to let the agencies and individuals involved in making the decision to allow Tony to remain at the truck stop know of our outrage at their decision as well as our concern for Tony’s health and welfare.
Thank you again for supporting the efforts to help Tony.
Free Tony The Tiger

  • A GRRRREAT Petition For Tony (Closed With 1,738 Signatures)

A different petition – trying to get the support of a corporation who uses a tiger for their mascot. Please sign for Tony. Thank You.

  • Petition For Tony 4.16.2010 CLOSED

The individuals to whom the petition was targeted to have responded and the petition will be closed. Thanks to all who signed and please continue to be a voice for Tony.
  • Ask Council To Enforce Their Own Codes about Tony the Tiger (Closed with 541 signatures)
This petition asks the Iberville Parish Council to enforce their codes regarding the keeping of exotic animals.
  • Ask Conoco to Stop Supplying the Tiger Truckstop (Closed with 804 signatures)
This petition requests that Conoco-Phillips end its supply agreement with the Tiger Truck Stop.
  • Endangered tiger named Tony at “Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete (Closed with 3537 signatures.)
This petition supports Tony being removed from the truck stop and being sent to a sacntuary.
  • Petition to Enforce Laws Fairly , and to Investigate Corruption in Iberville Parish (Closed with 1357 signatures.)
  • Petition To Request A New USDA Inspection of Tiger Truck Stop (Closed with 579 signatures)
  • Tony the truckstop tiger – Letter to CNN (Closed with 1021 signatures)—tony-the-truckstop-tiger
  • Inform Media About Tony the Tiger (Closed with 237 signatures)
This petition targets the Baton Rougue media and it’s goal is to gain their interest in Tony.
  • Petition to request news update on Tony the Tiger (Closed with 1160 signatures)
This petition requests the media to investigate the delay by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries regarding a decision to the state license.
Thank You to everyone who has signed petitions supporting Tony’s freedom.

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