Many of life's failures...

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize
how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison


Tony VERY Skinny

Tony VERY Skinny


Big Cat Rescue: Legislative Action Center

Big Cat Rescue: Legislative Action Center

Governor Jindal’s website motto says, “I’m asking you to once again believe in Louisiana.”

Today, we are doing just that.

After tolerating 21 years of a truck stop in Gross Tete, LA holding tigers captive in substandard conditions, we “believe” the time for Louisiana to put an end to this abuse is long overdue.

It is now!

Tony, the latest in a long string of tigers being held at the Tiger Truck Stop, has lived in a tiny chain link and concrete cell for 10 years. No larger than a couple of parking spaces, his cage is next to gas pumps where truckers pump fuel around the clock. There are always a dozen or more trucks with their engines idling, belching fumes, as well as all the cars that stop for gas. He is constantly exposed to harassment as people taunt him. A sign on the cage asks people not to throw rocks at him. He can never escape the noise, the flood lights and the boredom as he paces around in circles.

We “believe” that Louisiana is better than this.

There is an alternative. A peaceful sanctuary has been offered where Tony can live his life - enjoying the grass, the ponds, chasing butterflies, relishing enrichment, the best that can be offered for a captive tiger….if only his owner would think of what is truly best for him, rather than the money he makes by displaying him.

Though Tony’s current existence may be technically legal, is it right? Tony needs your voice. Please speak up for him and let the USDA, Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and US Fish and Wildlife Service know that this is inhumane and you want to see an end to the trade in tigers in private hands. Though Tony’s owner is adamant that he will not give Tony up, your voice may convince authorities that this is not his choice, after all.
Please TAKE ACTION NOW by signing and sending a letter to let Louisiana know that you “believe” they will do the right thing and deny a renewal of Tony’s permit in the next few weeks.

The following do not have email addresses so must be contacted as listed below:

Governor Bobby Jindal

Representative Rodney Alexander

Grosse Tete Mayor Michael ChauffePhone: (225) 648-2131

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