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"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize
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Tony VERY Skinny

Tony VERY Skinny


AdvoCat ~ Last Chance to Help Tony the Truck Stop Tiger


Last Chance to Help Tony the Truck Stop Tiger

The illegal owner's permit bestowed on Tony's owner, Michael Sandlin, to keep, exhibit and exploit Tony at a smelly, dirty, noisy, toxic truck stop near Baton Rouge, LA EXPIRES TOMORROW...but it's likely to be rubber-stamped for renewal for another terrible year UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TODAY!

The unique permit issued by Iberville Parish to Sandlin is predicated upon his allegedly legal ownership of Tony in 2006,  But Sandlin's ownership was NOT legal: the permit was issued by a local authority AFTER wildlife ownership laws were ALREADY CHANGED Federally, and in the state of Louisiana, disallowing private ownership dangerous carnivores like Tony. So Sandlin's claim cannot be legally supported now:

Tony's miserable incarceration on a cold concrete slab just a hundred feet from diesel gas pumps and the deafening traffic of big rigs and tractor trailers 24/7 is a consequence of a lack of Federal and LA state ENFORCEMENT, not lack of proper legislation.

Show Louisiana that you will not tolerate their contravention of Federal law and continued incarceration of Tony when several great wildlife sanctuaries will be happy to provide him grass under his feet, a big pool where he can swim, and a quiet, happy retirement in a place far from the diesel fumes and the abusive public that taunt and throw rocks at poor old Tony who is trapped and hopeless in his concrete cage.

Please CALL or EMAIL NOW -- tell the following officials DO NOT RENEW MICHAEL SANDLIN'S PERMIT to TORTURE TONY THE TIGER for another minute, let alone another year!

1. Governor Bobby Jindal  866-366-1121

2. Attorney General James D. "Buddy" Caldwell  225-326-6705

2. Louisiana Department of Fisheries & Wildlife Dept. Commissioners:

Robert Barham  LDWF Commission secretary  225-765-2623 and

Steve Oats  (337) 233-1100

Patrick Morrow  (337) 948-4483

Stephen Sagrara  (337) 893-7709

Ann L. Taylor  985-758-2795

Ronald "Ronny" Graham  318-232-7021

Michael C. Voisin  985-868-7191

Ms. Maria Davidson Large Carnivore Program Manager  Louisiana Department Wildlife and Fisheries  225-765-2623
Maria's boss:  Fred Kimmel  225-765-2355

If you can manage, please send a copy of one of your emails to Tony's legal reps:

Lisa Franzetta  Director of Communications  Animal Legal Defense Fund

AND FINALLY...for more info:

and to sign the petition

Thank you!

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